All shapes and sizes 


AQUAFEAT's modular formwork means that professional swimming pool specialists are in a position to meet all types of request in terms of constructing private or public swimming pools (covered by a liner or reinforced PVC membrane).
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Piscine en coupe Aquafeat



8 panel heights (welded steel reinforcement, all in one piece):
  • 1.15 metres


  • 1.30 metres


  • 1.45 metres


  • 1.60 metres


  • 1.75 metres


  • 1.90 metres


  • 2.05 metres


  • 2.20 metres ...

(Photo : 2.05 m)



  • Flat floors,


  • Complex slopes (shallow end > slope > deep end)


  • Gentle slopes (pool sloping over its full length)


  • Diving wells / hopper pools, etc.
Pente composée de 1.15 m à 1.60 m Fond Plat 1.45 m

Sealing Elements 

Factory fitted and positioned according to requirements 
(as an option)
Schema Pièces à Sceller

Edge Supports  


A 26 cm or 35 cm single-block reinforced concrete bed for laying the pool edges.
SCHEMA VUE ASSEMBLAGE GOULOTTE Support Margelle assise 35 cm Piscines avec supports margelles standards Piscine avec margelles



(closed or opened corners)
Schema angles

Step Structures 








escalier 2 escalier 1 escalier 3 escalier 4 schema structure escaliers

Free Forms 


With radius, concave and convex modules, let your imagination go wild!  
Some examples of our projects (traditional and original designs): 





Photos of free form swimming pool projects.

panneau forma libre exemple de forme libre Piscine forme libre montée en atelier puis montée sur le chantier Piscine pour camping 30 x 10 m (Exemple Forme Libre 3)